Equipment specifications

Tony's electric guitars of choice are a vintage 1973 'Gibson Les Paul Custom' & a 90s era'Blade R4 Classic H'. Both are played stock with no significant modifications, & are usually strung with 'Thomastik-Infeld' strings. His acoustic & bass guitars vary. The guitars are plugged directly into one of two amplifiers; a vintage 'Mesa Boogie Mark III Simul-Class' combo chassis housing a 12-inch 'Electro-Voice EVM Black Shadow' speaker, 5-band (60/240/750/2200/6600 hz) graphic equalizer & reverb, or into a 'Laney HC25B' housing a 10-inch speaker. On using floor pedals & sound effects, Tony believes less is more, & usually cables his guitars straight into the amp, with a 'Sennheiser Black Fire 509' microphone taking the amp signals out to stage & main house mixers. Connecting cables are made by 'Whirlwind' or 'Belden'.

On stage, Tony sings into a 'Shure SM58' microphone, patched thru a 'Laney' mixer/power amp to 'Electro-Voice' or 'Carvin' 3-way speaker enclosures. Sound system effects processing is tweaked minimally with reverbs added as rooms require. In the studio, 'Neumann' is his mic of choice.