Around midnight in the 'Max Greger Jr Bar' with Max Greger Jr (piano), Mini Schulz (contrabass), Obi Jene (drums), Tony Bulluck (guitar & voice) and the star guest Hugo Strasser (clarinet), things really got going. (10 May 2010)
Allgaeuer Zeitung

'Tony Bulluck belongs to the group of artists who make their own path even when playing songs by other artists. The American singer & guitarist is an individualist, even when the musical masterpieces don't come from his own pen....he's causing lots of people to sit up & take notice. Bulluck seeks a connection with his audience.' (March 2005, Stephan Stoeckel)
Obermain-Tagblatt Zeitung


'A little bit of Al Jarreau's powerful voice, now & again something from the tones of Louis Armstrong or Stevie Wonder, with perhaps a pinch of Frank Sinatra, & somehow visually a little bit from Harry Belafonte: in reality the results of this mixture is Tony Bulluck. But then again not really, because this black singer cannot be compared with anyone else. His enormous bluesy, soulful, jazzy voice, which spans over three octaves, amazed . . . . he imprints each song with his own style.' (May 2003)
Der Neue Tag

'Bulluck had something from B.B. King plus more . . . Bulluck was the vocalist with the biggest aura of the evening . . . . He spread it the way only a singer can. With closed eyes he jubilantly played difficult ballads; sweat rolled off his head due to his powerful exertions . . . the 5-star winner.'
Zentralnerv Magazin

'Bulluck has a marvellous jazz voice & with it gives us passionate soul, groovy funk & beautiful bluesrock . . . original pieces or cover versions . . . . In the entire circus arena it cooked hot & the audience is moved.'
Sddeutsche Zeitung

'Soulful, bluesy ballads, then perhaps a light jazzy piece & then a rather rocky piece. This presented by one man who, alone with his charisma pulls listeners into his spell . . .'
Volker 'Wredo' Wrede , Proprietor of / Besitzer des Bamberger Live-Club, Café Haas & The Blues Bar

' . . . Bulluck takes his (over three octaves!) voice through all possible sound tonalities & wavebands his flexible voice sounds like a trumpet or sax with which he goes from unintelligible wide slurs to rhythmically exact vocal scats & riffs. One hears the likenesses of Al Jarreau and Louis Armstrong.'
Fränkische Nachrichten

'. . . romantic jazz at its best. Tony . . . put complete & absolute trust in the purity of his voice and [brought the] passions of many to a hot-blooded boil.'
Nürnberger Nachrichten Zeitung

'. . . singer/guitarist Tony Bulluck wasn't only the best vocalist of the evening, the frontman also emitted an aura that couldn't have been more intensive.'
Soundcheck Magazin Für Musiker

'. . . no one was disappointed. The singer [Bulluck] shows his deep spirit & his guitar solos hang in the air formed like electricity.'
Würzburg Main Post Zeitung